Body Piercing

BeautyStop has been a leader in piercing applications for body art across Brisbane. With some of the most highly trained body piercing artists in Brisbane you can be confident you'll be receiving the best quality service. Our selection of jewellery and high standards for safety allow us to complete almost any piercing you can imagine.

Our qualified piercers and knowledgeable staff will help you with all jewellery options available for your specific piercing. All our initial piercing jewellery is 316 LVM stainless steel and titanium jewellery.

Some body piercings need a certain type of body type to support the piercing. It is best to consult with any of our staff to help you decide your best options.

  Body Piercing Service
Navel $40.00
Nose $40.00
Lip $40.00
Earlobes each/both ears $23/$40
Eyebrow (each) $40.00
Cartilage $70.00
Septum $70.00
Surface Piercing $70.00
Dermel $120.00
Divers $90.00
Nipple $60.00
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